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We offer a wide range of services under the purview of Canada spouse dependent visa and immigration. Our vision is all about reuniting life-partners in Canada.

Spouse With Child

Spouse and Child Visa

A family reunion in Canada is well on the cards for you and your dependent child with the help of our spouse dependent visa & dependent child visa for Canada!

Important Definitions by IRCC

If you are married in Canada or if you are married legally in country of your residence, and the marriage is valid under the law of your country, then you’re a spouse to the one with which you’re married.

If you are married to same sex partner in Canada who is a Canadian Citizen or Permanent resident and have a marriage certificate issued by provincial government on or after 2003 to 2005 as per the policies of each province, then you are eligible as a partner. If your marriage took place outside of Canada, then it must be legal and accepted by the law of that country.

If you have lived together as a conjugal partner for period of one year, then you are deemed to be a common law partner. Sufficient evidences are required to prove your ongoing continuous relationship.

If you are unable to live together due to situation which are out of your control and are in relationship for at least one year then you can apply for your partner under conjugal partnership. You need to prove and give sufficient evidences to show external constrains which kept you from living together, e.g. different country of residence and visa approval not possible due to immigration barrier.

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How Can We Help You?

We offer distinct services for application of spouse dependent visa.

The term spouse visa or dependent visa is used interchangeably. We provide services for different categories of dependent visa depending upon the visa status of your spouse in Canada. Unlike other countries, Canada has a friendly approach towards accompanying spouse. If you want to join your spouse in Canada, we can make it possible for you through our services.

The only common condition applicable for each category is that “your spouse must be in Canada on a valid visa status”, excluding the spouse visitor visa. The IRCC – Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada intends to improve the ratio of visa approval under family re-unification which includes various types of spouse visa. The government has also started working on reducing the processing time especially for Permanent Resident visa of spouse.Our endeavor resides in guiding you to unification with your spouse in Canada!

We offer a wide range of services under the purview of Canada spouse dependent visa and spouse immigration for Canada. Our vision is all about reuniting life-partners in Canada. To apply for spouse visa Canada or to avail other Canada spouse visa services, choose us!

Who can apply for Canada Spouse Visa?

Spouse Study Permit Holder

Spouse of a Study Permit Holder

You can apply for Canada spouse dependent visa if you’re the spouse of a full-time student in Canada with a valid study permit, who studies in a designated learning institution approved by a provincial or territorial government to host international students, public post-secondary institution or a Government-recognized private institution in Canada.
Spouse Work Permit Holder

Spouse of a Work Permit Holder

If you’re the spouse of any work permit holder or post-study work permit holder in Canada who is working full time under NOC Category 0, A, B with any authorized employer and has a visa validity for 6 months or more in Canada, you can apply for Canada spouse dependent visa.
Spouse Permanent Resident Canada

Spouse of a Permanent Resident/Citizen of Canada

You can apply for Canada spouse dependent visa if your spouse is a Canadian citizen or holds a Permanent Residency of Canada.

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