Terms and Conditions

  1. Clients are required to register with Canadaspousevisa.ca to begin their application process.
  2. Before or after registration its sole responsibility of client to understand the services been offered in complete details. As there will be no additional services provided in same package.
  3. On special request we may agree to execute an additional service but there will be additional charge for the same.
  4. There will be no refund possible after registration.
  5. The general document checklist included in registration form is a basic checklist based on common requirements of the documents. You will be provided case specific checklist after registration.
  6. It is sole responsibility of client to manage the documents, our team can provide advice on alternatives in case if documents are unavailable but we cannot prepare documents or get it on behalf of the client.
  7. On registration client agrees to abide by rules, regulations and policies explained on Canadaspousevisa.ca.
  8. Client hereby declares that all the documents provided for the purpose of the application and processing are genuine, authentic and are not tempered with.
  9. In case if any documents or information provided by the client in forms or anywhere else is found to be misguiding or misrepresented then Canadaspousevisa.ca has full rights to executive necessary legal actions against such client.
  10. If documents are found to be tampered with or forged documents are supplemented in application, its full responsibility of the client. Canadaspousevisa.ca does not advice, considers it fair or accepts such documents.
  11. In case of misrepresented documents, illegal documents or forged documents it will sole responsibility of client to deal with IRCC- Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada any further process will not be carried out by Canadaspousevisa.ca. As we do not advice clients to misrepresent, create illegal or forged documents.
  12. The client declares and agrees that documents and information provided by them is genuine and Canadaspousevisa.ca and use it for purpose of visa application and can share them with required authorities.
  13. The complete process of the application is online, once application is accepted and passport request is updated by IRCC clients are required to submit the passport at their nearest VAC center.
  14. The cost and mode of communication/transportation is to be managed by the client in order to submit their original passport at VAC center at nearest available location for visa stamping.
  15. Canadaspousevisa.ca does not represent claim association or representation of IRCC, the right to issue visa or decline any application is solely in the hands of IRCC and Canadian High Commissions representing IRCC in different countries.
  16. The taxes included are HST tax which is at the rate of 13% applicable on all services. The rates can be changed depending the government policy.
  17. Clients can select multiple services at the same time.
  18. Client’s registration remains valid for period of 3 months/90 days within this period if client does not provide complete documents and information then application will be null and void.
  19. Clients who do not reply on time or do not co-ordinate in process and hence result is a delays in application in such cases 90 days criteria will be applicable. On 91th day Canadaspousevisa.ca is not responsible to accomplish the task. Nor will there be any refund.
  20. Clients agrees to the terms and conditions while registering this includes terms and conditions listed on website, retainer agreement and privacy policy all, if there is any breach of agreement then Canadaspousevisa.ca has rights to take necessary actions.
  21. Clients registering for immigration service have validity period of 180 days to complete the procedure of the application by providing necessary documents and information. Delays will result in application been null and void.
  22. In case of refusal there will be no refund in any of the visa category under can case.
  23. If refused applicant would like to reapply then the consultancy charges would be slashed to 50% as benefit. However client needs to reapply within period of 3 months to be eligible for this offer. Clients need to pay full visa fees.
  24. The client agrees and confirms that information provided is accurate and true for representation to IRCC.
  25. Canadaspousevisa.ca will try to accomplish the applications within stipulated time period however if due to any technical difficulties the time consumed is more than promised than  clients will have to co-ordinate in the process.
  26. Clients are requested to follow the instructions.
  27. The general checklist requesting documents at the time of registration, here original scan copy document is needed. With clear quality following MB requirements.
  28. By registering with Canadaspousevisa.ca you agree to communicate with us through email, phone and online.
  29. In case of any application where prior to reaching decision high commission of Canada or RCIC decides to interview a candidate it is responsibility of candidate to reach the venue and clear the interview.
  30. In case if there any technical difficulties on IRCC website then application may take more than regular time period.
  31. In case after applying if there is any change in status, information then onus is on client to inform Canadaspousevisa.ca about the same on time. If applicants fail to do so it might affect the application.
  32. In case of Immigration the payment is possible in two equal installments however on registering with first installment there can be no refund.
  33. In case of re-application or refused application there can be additional documents requirement which client needs to fulfill.
  34. There can be no transfer of service to any other person. Only person who has registered will be considered as applicant and Canadaspousevisa.ca is only responsible to processing for applicant.
  35. Should there be any breach or complain the law of the place i.e. Toronto Ontario Canada will be applicable. The agreement shall be governed by law of Ontario Canada and shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any disputes.