Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly raised queries concerning Canada spouse visa and its procedures

Yes, Canadaspousevisa.ca is an authorized consultant having ICCRC membership. The service provided by us is transparent and reliable. We do not guarantee visa for any of the categories as the final decision of approval or refusal of an application rests with the Canadian high commission. We follow the exact procedure and guidelines for documentation, filing and submission of the application.

Canadaspousevisa.ca is completely dedicated for all types of spouse visa applications for Canada. The spouse visa application can also include children as dependents. But we do not process any other types of visa applications. The sole purpose of Canadaspousevisa.ca is to deliver spouse visa services for Canada only.

The processing time varies depending on the type of visa.

  • Spouse Dependent Visitor Visa application – 15 to 30 working days approximately
  • Spouse Dependent work permit application – 4 to 8 weeks approximately.
  • Spouse Dependent Permanent Resident visa application – 10 months to 12 months approximately.
  • Extension of Spouse Dependent visa – 15 to 30 working days approximately.

You can check the status of your application on CIC website. At each stage of clearance, the application will be updated and our admin team too will keep you posted with all details via email.

No. Our Admin team will send you the detailed guidelines for sending the scanned documents to us via email.

You can call us on +16473754499 (if from Canada) and also on +919586861444 (if from India). You can send an email to us on info@canadaspousevisa.ca

Yes, you will be permitted to work for any authorized employer in Canada, for full-time, with the help of spouse dependent Open work permit visa.

Your Canada spouse visa validity duration will be same as that of your spouse’s visa term.

No, you do not need to appear for IELTS exam.

It’s necessary to check the authenticity of your relationship with your spouse to prevent the misuse of Canada spouse visa.

Your spouse, who’s sponsoring you, must validate that he or she is capable of bearing all your expenses in Canada such as accommodation, travel expense, etc.

We maintain strict code of conduct. All the information and documents will be secure with us and will not be shared except for the purpose of application as accepted by the applicant. Each application is handled by an Admin officer assigned for the task, whereby all the documents submitted are verified and re-checked.

The charges are non-refundable as we had already processed the application. Our charges are for the purpose of processing and lodgement of the application. With proper processing, documentation and submission there are very negligible chances of getting a refusal. But in case the application is still refused, then neither consultancy charges nor visa fees are refundable. The fees are non-refundable once your registration is complete.

  • To begin the visa application process, you need to register first by selecting required service and then payment of consulting fees.
  • Once we receive your application request we will send you the case specific checklist.
  • Our Admin team will send you the detailed guidelines for sending the scanned documents to us via email. After that, Our team will check the documents, and if required we will guide you to replace or get an additional document.

Complete processing, including filling up the forms and preparing necessary drafts, will be handled by us. The application will be processed online except under the circumstances where applicants of certain categories and nationalities are not authorized access to online facility of IRCC.

Once we receive complete documents, including case specific documents, your application will be processed in around 3 to 4 working days, except for Permanent Residence application, which might take up to 7 to 8 working days.

In most of the cases, applications are submitted online. You will receive the decision in your account online. The final stamping procedure requires you to submit the passport at the VFS centre, where passports are stamped and returned to your home address. You need to co-ordinate with the VAC centre and complete the final procedure of passport submission.

Yes, just as if you use online services for banking, shopping and payment of bills, applying online is safe and secure. We have quality checks and we always strive to maintain a standard level of performance to continue our services on online portal.

Canadaspousevisa.ca has a high success ratio of visa approvals as all the applications are checked by ICCRC members and thus, it’s ensured that no file is submitted with missing documents or with incomplete details. Moreover, necessary additional changes are implemented to improve chances of success. There is no refund in case of refusal and no reapplication process is deemed free at any point of time. However, we provide 50% off on consultancy charges to any client whose application was refused and he or she wishes to re-apply.

No, there is no mode of expediting the process at IRCC.

Yes, the general documents’ checklist covers documents common in most of the applications. Our team will send you case-specific checklist to meet the documental requirements as per your specific case.

No. LMIA or Job Offer is not mandatory to apply for Spouse dependent open  work permit.

Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) covers vast categories of visa whereas a permit is a letter issued by the IRCC validating the stay of applicant in Canada. You can continue your stay on permit letter but to travel to and fro, in and from Canada, you will need a visa.

The services included in the application package will be filling up of the forms, requesting necessary documents, preparing essential drafts and lodgement/submission process of the application.

No, we do not make arrangements for job or LMIA approved Job offers.

Applicant can get either single entry or multiple entry visitor visa. Single entry visa is valid for 6 months permitting one-time entry. Multiple Entry visa can be of 10 years’ maximum and the length of visa also depends on expiry date of the passport. A multiple entry visa is not issued for a period longer than the expiry date of the passport. The decision as to issue single entry or multiple entry visa rests with the Canadian High Commission.

The most general points taken into consideration for applicant and sponsor under spouse visa category are:

  • Evidences of ongoing genuine relationship.
  • Status proof of the sponsor in Canada.
  • Financial stability of the applicant and family members.
  • Ties to the country of residence and personal circumstances of applicant.
  • Financial capacity of sponsor in Canada.
  • Previous refusals, marital status, medical and character clearance checks.

No, Spouse visa is applicable only for a person who is married and his/her spouse is in Canada as a full time student, worker, permanent resident or a citizen.

No, the spouse visa for Quebec is different from rest of the country. To learn more you can contact us with your profile details.

Yes you can contact us through chat service to get a quick response; or you can email us; or you can fill up the contact form. One of our counsellors will contact you at the earliest.

Your application processing time is valid for three months and you need to apply within 90 days. If due to any reasons you are unable to apply within three months’ time frame, your application will be considered closed by default. After this time period you will have to register again by completing the payment section. This time is applicable for all short term temporary applications and not for permanent resident applications.

For spouse visa under permanent resident program of family sponsorship, you can register as early as 6 months prior. The application has to be completed within 180 days.

The onus is on the applicant and sponsor to provide complete documents. In some cases, if application remains on hold for 40 days or more, then the applicant and sponsor may need to provide few of the documents updated as per the recent date.

Clients who are about to get married in few months can also register and begin the process. They need to provide proper documentation for processing the application.

In normal circumstances no, but if there are any complexities due to the nature of the application including medical issues, character issues or previous records then in that case processing time and charges from Canadaspousevisa.ca would vary accordingly.

No, we are an authorized consultant having years of experience in processing visa application. The application is submitted further to IRCC or Canadian High Commission. We do not guarantee visa approval. We apply for the visa on behalf of the client.

No, we will not need original scanned documents. In case if there is any request for an original document submission from High Commission of Canada or IRCC then client needs to co-ordinate in the process.

Yes, if the visa officer feels that additional documents are needed to reach to the final conclusion, then he/she may request for such additional documents. The visa officer gives limited time of 7 days to 10 days in some cases to submit the documents. The onus is on applicant and sponsor to co-ordinate in the process and do the needful at the earliest.

We are listing few of the important points which you need to take care of, while providing the documents.

  • The documents should be clearly visible.
  • The documents related to banks need to be up to date at the time of application.
  • The applicant and sponsor should make sure not to provide any illegal, tampered or fraud documents.
  • If there is any misrepresentation of information or facts then application can suffer adversely.
  • Applicant and sponsor must be prepared for telephonic interview or personal interview and in case of personal interview it is responsibility of applicant and sponsor to reach venue on time and clear the interview.
  • If there are any previous refusals for any country, the onus is on applicant and sponsor to inform about the same. Similarly, if application and sponsor had applied for any type of visa previously for Canada then the same information must be shared with Canadaspousevisa.ca. Not sharing such important details can result in delays and refusal.
  • Please make sure to combine binders and name them properly. For example, Academic Binder should have all the academic documents and employment binder should have all the work related documents.
  • Applicant needs to get medical done from panel doctors authorized by IRCC and it is their responsibility to take an appointment and ensure that they visit the panel doctor.
  • If your application requires police clearance certificate then applicant needs to provide PCC from all countries where applicant has resided for more than 6 months.

The client provides consent to Canadaspousevisa.ca to apply and share their information and documents with IRCC or Canadian High Commission.

Type of Canada Spouse Visa Consulting Fees (Inclusive of Tax) Visa Fees Bio-metrics Fees Processing Time (Case to Case Basis)
Spouse Dependent open Work Permit CAD $1000 CAD $255 CAD $85 60 to 90 Days
PR/Citizen Dependent Visa CAD $2260 CAD $1050 CAD $85 8 to 10 Months
Spouse Dependent Visitor Visa CAD $565 CAD $100 CAD $85 60 to 90 Days
Extension of Spouse Dependent Visa CAD $565 CAD $255 NA 60 to 90 Days


  • Consulting fees can be paid in 2 equal installments.
  • Medical, VFS courier charges will be extra.

If your application is refused due to any reason from Canadaspousevisa.ca, then you need to re-apply within time frame of 90 days to avail the benefit of 50% off on consulting fees. The client has to pay visa fees and tax.